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Live Streaming

Feel you are there in the race, the excitement, the pain and the elation, all brought to you live !!

We can scale the coverage of your event to suit your needs. From a few hours to a long day or even multi-day coverage can be arranged. 

We normally charge per streaming hour for a BasicPackage which includes 2 commentators, a Video Editor and a Producer. 

We then can add Remote Camera Operators and Drone Pilotsand that is often determined by the required coverage of the event, the duration and technical and geographic complexity. 

Critical for good viewing figures is determining the streaming destinations and target audience. Clients often have their own channels to which the stream can be directed and we work with you to set this up. 

We can handle many different streaming destinations. For example, simulcasting to multiple Facebook pages, YouTube, and a whole range of RTMP destinations. Choosing the channels is an important part of the project. 

We can also handle separate language commentating to have for instance, Mandarin on the Chinese channel and English and Cantonese on the HK Channel. We can also have separate content streamed to each destination as needed 

Of course we create all the graphic overlays to ensure your sponsor brands and your race identity are constantly visible. Race sponsors might like to see their promotion material incorporated into the stream too which can be planned in. 

 All events are unique put a typical costing sheet for an event with 8 hours of streaming would look something like this..........